Los Angeles Hosptial Settles Dumping Lawsuit

A Los Angeles hospital has agreed to pay $1 million to settle a (sort of) medical malpractice case. The hospital dumped a paraplegic man in Los Angeles’ Skid Row. Incredibly, this Los Angeles hospital apparently left a paraplegic man crawling around a Los Angeles’ ghetto in a hospital gown and colostomy bag. Try to imagine someone actually doing this. I say “sort of” a medical malpractice case but this is not really malpractice: this is human beings doing something deliberately awful to another human being.

The hospital, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles, sounds like it is trying to do the right thing, settling the case for what I expect is more than it was worth and amending its discharge policies for patients who are homeless and indigent patients. That’s all great. I just can’t imagine – on a human level – the hospital employees who saw fit to dump a paraplegic man and colostomy bag in the middle of the street with a hospital gown. Are these people still working for the hospital?
These are the kind of cases where medical malpractice lawyers are making a difference. A part of the settlement also requires the hospital to be monitored by a former U.S. attorney for up to five years. Why did the lawyers and clients insist on this? It has nothing to do with money. But it has everything to do with justice.

You can find the Los Angeles Times article on this case here.

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