Lipitor Lawsuit Deadline Approaching for Some Victims

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Lipitor Statute of Limitations

If you took Lipitor and developed diabetes, you could be facing a deadline (or what is known as a statute of limitations) to file a product liability claim against Pfizer.

What am I talking about?  Different states have different rules for how long the statute of limitations is and different rules for what triggers the running of the statute.  For some states that have a two year SOL, it is possible that limitations could be found to run in February which is the two year anniversary of Pfizer putting a strong diabetes warning on its it product in February, 2012.

No one knows how the SOL issues will flush out in any case.  But the take home message is clear:  if you are sitting home wondering whether to file a claim, the clock is ticking on your claim (and it could have already struck midnight).  The best way to be safe is to call a lawyer immediately and let them investigate what the deadline is for bringing your claim.

The Accusations and Lawsuits

I’ve done this before but let’s go back and give a little background on these cases.

Pfizer is huge. It is one of the biggest drug companies in the world.  A part of the reason it is so huge is Lipitor.  At one point, Lipitor was the greatest selling pharmaceutical drug in the history of the world. It has sold around $125 billion worth of the stuff.  Think about that.  Remember that Greek debt crisis you were hearing about at one point that could threaten the world economy?   This is the kind of money that would wipe that problem out. You could buy out Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and George Soros combined with this kind of money.    You could treat cancer in this country for almost two years with that kind of money.  

Okay, you get the point.  The reality is, and you won’t hear this from many plaintiffs’ lawyers, that it is a really great drug.  I’m sure it has saved countless lives.  But the problem plaintiffs’ lawyers and many diabetes patients have is that Pfizer’s failure to add a warning until 2012 after the FDA mandated an update for all statin-based cholesterol drugs.

Why would they wait?  No one knows.  But let’s take a guess, shall we?   Doctors and patients are eating up this drug to the tune of zillions of dollar.  Careers are being made, stock prices are rising because of the wild success of Lipitor.   Does a negative warning create bad publicity and concern about the drug that would make some doctor prescribe it less and stop some patients from running to their doctor and asking for it?   Of course.  So you can write the rest of the story yourself.

What is the current status of the cases?  At this very moment, all Lipitor cases are individually filed lawsuits, mostly in federal district courts around the country.  Plaintiff’s asked for an MDL class action last year.  That was denied.  But there is a new request out there and my strong suspicion is that these case will be consolidated before the spring.

Currently, there are about 100 lawsuits filed, but Lipitor injury lawyers are anticipating that number could grow to the tens of thousands by former users of the medication.  Don’t believe me?   Google “Lipitor lawsuits” and see how many results you get.  (I’d rather you do this search instead!)

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