Lexus GX SUV

Toyota has is asking dealers to temporarily halt sales of 2010 Lexus GX460 SUV after a Consumer Reports safety warning. Toyota is not – at least as of yet – going to recall the vehicle.

Consumer Reports suggests there is a serious rollover problem with the 2010 GX460. Consumer Reports is not pulling any punches either, specifically telling readers not to buy the new GX460 because of safety risks associated with the vehicle.

About 5000 of these GX460s have been sold. Although there have been no no reports of rollover have been uncovered in these models that are already on the road, reports often lag behind incidences and the GX460 apparently performed awfully during the Consumer Reports test track. The magazine reports that the rear tires skidding dangerously sideways at high speeds.

The one time golden child of the car industry continues to take its lumps. If Toyota/Lexus wants a spokesman who can relate to the product, it should consider Tiger Woods. Both larger than life giants crashed to earth hoping to rise up again that keeps facing every increasing roadblocks. I’m really joking but Toyota needs to do something dramatic and fast to restore public confidence.