Lexapro Celexa MDL

IA judge has denied the a request by Plaintiffs’ Lexapro and Celexa lawyers to consolidate a newly filed proposed class action over Lexapro and Celexa with the ongoing Celexa Lexapro suicide MDL.

Judge Rodney W. Sippel – the judge overseeing overseeing the NuvaRing MDL cases – ruled that Plaintiffs’ Lexapro and Celexa lawyers had not demonstrated that consolidation would be appropriate because they have different allegations and the fact that the MDL has already been going on for some time might cause prejudice in some cases.

This ruling does not means that Lexapro and Celexa victims cannot bring claims or that there is still not a class action for purposed of discovery. It just means that lawyers handling Lexapro and Celexa are not going to have a pure class action and that the claims are going to be more narrowly defined in scope in the MDL than some plaintiffs’ lawyers would like.