Lawsuit Stemming from Suicide

Washington medical malpractice lawyers filed a lawsuit against the University of Washington Medical Center alleging that staff doctors committed malpractice by releasing a suicidal patient. Plaintiff’s medical malpractice complaint, according to the Seattle Post, states that the hospital staff negligently released the student in spite of the fact that he was hospitalized for cutting his own wrists and said that he had thoughts of committing suicide by jumping from a bridge or building. The student died two days later after jumping from the 16th floor of an office.

From the medical malpractice lawyers’ perspective, these are, on their face, pretty good facts for a suicide/keep hospitalized case. But suicide malpractice cases are very complicated and a full reading of the plaintiff’s decedent’s medical records would be required to know if this is a viable medical malpractice case. One this we know already: it is an awful tragedy that could have been avoided. Whether that rises to negligence to the hospital is an entirely different question.

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