Lawsuit for Cold Therapy Injuries

You sprain your ankle. You pull a muscle. Most of us turn to rest, elevation, and ice.

Using ice is difficult. It melts. So cold therapy devices were made. Much, much easier.

But in a world of risks that come out of nowhere, scores and scores of cold therapy patients have suffered serious injuries using cold devices. There have been reports of chronic pain, nerve damage, and a host of other ailments using cold therapy products.

Plaintiffs’ cold therapy lawsuits argue that the manufacturers of cold therapy products focused on two things: make it cold and sell ’em.

A big part of “sell ’em” was adding cool features that make cold therapy devices more appealing than good old fashioned ice. Let’s look at the DeRoyal T600, a target of plaintiffs’ lawsuits. The DeRoyal T600 provides an automatic shut-off feature. This is very cool because people lose track of time, fall asleep, and so forth. But, reportedly, the T600 won’t shut off if the unit has been running for a long time.

Other problems? Let’s look at the DonJoy IceMan. It is billed as able to keep its “ice” on for up to 7 hours. If you are telling consumers this, aren’t you indirectly telling them it is okay to leave this very cold device on their body for 7 hours? How do you solve this problem? You prolifically warn that using your great feature may actually hurt them.

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