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Landshires Recalls Even More “Nike” Sandwiches

Landshire has broadened their recall of Nike sandwiches, in light of continued concerns with Listeria contamination. In addition to the previously recalled Nike All-American Sandwich, for which they have increased the production date recall for, Landshire is now recalling their Nike Super Poor Boy Sandwich.

The following products are now subject to recall:

  • Landshire Nike All- American
  • Landshire Nike Super Poor Boy

The Nike Super Poor Boy Sandwich comes individually wrapped, but may also be sold in a 2 count or 8 count pack.

  • Individually Wrapped: UPC code is 0 9748800001 1
  • 2 count pack Nike Super Poor Boy: UPC code is 0 9748800765 2
  • 8 count pack Nike Super Poor Boy: UPC code is 0 9748800712 6

Earlier this week, we told you that Landshire was recalling their Nike All-American Sandwich, for Listeria concerns. At that time, the recall was for 1,751 cases – the recall has now been increased to 17,305 cases….gee whiz, just a FEW more cases, wouldn’t you say? Did they underestimate their concern initially and feel that less than 1,800 cases would be sufficient? Or are they going overboard now, in an abundance of caution? I’m not sure which is the case with this company, or these products, but I would like to think it is the latter.

Unless you are a hermit, you have heard of the cantaloupe/listeria outbreak that has plagued this nation since August. According to an update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a total of 28 people have now died, nationwide, from the Colorado cantaloupe listeria outbreak. Could “going overboard, in an abundance of caution” have helped this situation? Even if it had saved one death, wouldn’t it have been worth it? Why wasn’t the nation told to throw away their cantaloupe? Did we not think it could get this big? The 28 person death toll moves up from 25 deaths last week, with an additional 133 reported illnesses, all related to the cantaloupe outbreak. How many more to come next week?
Perhaps these companies, ones with recalls of this nature, need to be a little more cautious and make the recall on a much broader spectrum, so they don’t backpedal later. It just makes more sense, and if it prevents one illness, or more importantly, one death, isn’t it the “less costly” thing to do?


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