Kroger Ice Cream Recall – Peanuts

Kroger Co., the nation’s largest grocery store operator, is recalling a specific lot of “Extreme Moose Tracks” ice cream sold in 10 states, as it may contain peanuts not mentioned on the label.

Kroger Ice Cream Recall nut allergen

Kroger Ice Cream Recall

The recall involves only their 16-ounce pints of the product, ones that list a sell-by date of June 18, 2012, and contain the UPC code 11110 52909.

The ice cream was sold at Kroger stores in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee, as well as the company’s Jay C, Food 4 Less, Owen’s, Pay Less and Scott’s stores in Illinois and Indiana. Kroger says shoppers should return the product to supermarkets for a refund or replacement. If 1% of the people who bought the ice cream do this, I would be shocked. It is like a “can I help?” when you know the person you are asking is going to say no. Still, the offer is the right thing to do, of course. (If they didn’t, I would be complaining about that, too, so I realize they can’t win. Then again, don’t put peanuts in your product without telling us and you won’t be in the situation in the first place.)
Last month, an E. coli outbreak prompted a ground beef recall by Tyson Fresh Meats, which involved certain Kroger-brand ground beef.