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Kids Get Sick After Eating Tide Pods

They haven’t been recalled – well, yet that is.

Tide Pods are the latest fad in laundry cleaning – but convenience can come at a price. The pods, concentrated laundry detergent, are brightly colored and are apparently very tempting for kids. The question on my mind…how could we not see this coming?
According to NYC Poison Control Center director, Dr. Robert Hoffman, “We knew this was an issue in Europe last year and hoped it wouldn’t come here, but it has.” Seriously? Do children in the U.S. not find brightly colored things tempting? Is that really something they expected would be exclusive to children in Europe?

The brightly colored pods resemble candy and are being mistaken as such by kids. As of May, 200 cases had been reported to poison control centers nationwide. That number skyrocketed to 1,210 by the end of June.

According to the director of the New Jersey Poison Control, the symptoms that children are exhibiting are more than would be expected, and the onset of significant symptoms is rapid. Other laundry detergents cause only mild stomach upset or even no symptoms at all, but parents are complaining that their children have suffered breathing problems after eating the detergent packets. To date, eleven children, including a fifteen-month-old, have ended up on ventilators. That’s just awful.

Tide is defending its product but apparently plans to introduce a more child-proof design this summer.

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