Johnson & Johnson Fires Execs Allegedly Because the Company Is a Mess

The Washington Post reports a few hours ago that after all of the recalls and government investigations into wrongdoing at Johnson & Johnson, 2 execs leaving the recall-riddled consumer health business are departing in two months.

These two bigwigs are resigning/being pushed out after a 2 1/2-year span of besmirching the one time good Johnson & Johnson name, which has included countless recalls of their big selling drugs like Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec and other nonprescription drugs and a congressional investigation of the handling of the recalls. Of course, J&J is always in spin mode, talking about the contributions these execs made that will live on and on. (Of course, I allow for the possibility these guys are just scapegoats.)
I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: I hope J&J can make a comeback. It still has a great brand name and has some wonderful products. It just has to make them safely and get rid of the ones that are hurting people. Oh, yeah, and maybe quit this 510(k) garbage with their medical devices and properly test them before putting them on the market.