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Jogging Stroller Recall

B.O.B has announced a recall of over 350,000 B.O.B. jogging strollers. The concern is a defective design that can cause strangulation of the child in the jogging stroller.

A drawstring on the stroller may potentially get wrapped around the child. One child was reported to have been almost strangled. If you are running fast with a jogging stroller, you typically will not be overly attentive to the child because (1) you are running fast, (2) you are tired, and (3) you just assume the child is safe.

What do you do if you have one of these jogging strollers subject to this recall? Most of the burden falls on you. Naturally. The CPSC recommends that consumers with these recalled jobbing strollers immediately stop using them and remove the drawstring. Stroller owners with the Weather Shield or Sun Shield accessory can contact B.O.B. Trailers for a free canopy retrofit kit.

Recalled jogging strollers have “B.O.B.” printed on the stroller. There is a yellow or orange drawstring at the rear of the stroller’s canopy. These are the jogging strollers in the recall:

B.O.B. Sport Utility Stroller
B.O.B. Sport Utility Stroller D-Lux
B.O.B. Revolution Duallie 12
B.O.B. Stroller Strides Duallie
B.O.B. Revolution Stroller
B.O.B. Revolution 12 Stroller
B.O.B. Stroller Strides
B.O.B. Ironman Duallie
B.O.B. Revolution Duallie
B.O.B. Ironman Stroller
B.O.B. Sport Utility Duallie

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