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J&J Sold Insulin Pumps After Learning of Defects

Johnson & Johnson is in hot water. Again. This time, their Animas unit continued to sell insulin pumps last year, after having learned of a malfunction with the pump. The malfunction, involving the pump’s keypad, prompted a design change of the One Touch Ping and 2020 pumps, which included switching manufacturing to a different supplier.
The FDA has released a letter inquiring as to why J&J continued to manufacture the insulin pumps after being made aware of their failures, and has given J&J 15 days to respond. J&J has stated that the warning letter from the FDA only requested further clarification on their internal quality systems and processes, and that the insulin pumps they manufacture meet all product specifications. They do, however, claim to be dedicated to quickly resolving the FDA’s outstanding concerns.
All of this begs the question, why did Johnson & Johnson continue to sell the pumps? J&J, the world’s second-biggest seller of health-care products, has faced a series of safety recalls and FDA warnings over the last two years. Last month’s warning could lead to fines or affect J&J’s chances of winning federal contracts. Was this most recent impropriety worth it? J&J continues to besmirch its once great name. I really can’t believe more people are not talking about this. Can this get a mention on CNBC at least? Unbelievable.

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