iPhone 4 Class Action Lawsuit

iPhone 4 “users” have filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple. The lawsuit alleges the glass casing on the phones cracks much easier than Apple said it would. The glass is supposed to be “super-durable and scratch-resistant,” Apple claims, but in reality, the casing is very fragile, according to plaintiffs’ lawsuit.

Consumer class action lawsuits benefit lawyers, but they also benefit consumers. But if you ask me, lawsuits like “you said the glass would not break so easily” are just ridiculous. This is a phone for crying out loud. No one’s safety is remotely at issue.

I was listening to Joe Kernen on CNBC this morning, making some crack about lawyers coming up with the Taco Bell lawsuit as opposed to consumers. The gist of it was that all he needs to know is the fact that lawyers came up with the idea for a lawsuit to know it is all nonsense. He’s wrong. But neither the Taco Bell lawsuit nor this iPhone 4 class action help me in proving him wrong.

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