Iowa Lawyer’s Sexual Escapades Net Him 18 Month Suspension

This is your crazy story of the day: lawyer in Iowa was suspended from practicing law for 18 months for having sex with a client. Here are the salacious facts:

  • The client was being represented in a custody battle.
  • The sex began a few days after her release from a mental facility.
  • She filed a bar complaint against him.
  • After the bar complaint was filed, they had sex in a courthouse library.
  • They got married.

Actually, if I were deciding this case, I would consider it a mitigating factor if they had stayed married, buying into the “Hey, she was the one” theory. But the marriage was just to improve her standing in the custody case and lasted only six weeks.

I’m not very judgmental about these kinds of things. But, boy, 18 months seems like a light sentence. This woman was coming literally straight from a mental institution. It is the classic textbook example of why sex with clients is a no-no in the first place. If this happened in Maryland, this guy would be looking for another career.

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