Injury Calculator in Personal Injury Settlements?

Personal injury victims want a calculator or formula to determine what their settlement should be. “How much is my case worth?” seems like a fair question. The human brain is averse to uncertainty. In lab experiments, our wiring in this regard is underscored: we prefer physical pain to uncertainty.

Regrettably, there is no formula or calculator that shows how much money you will get in your accident case. The real world is too complex for a personal injury settlement calculator. A car accident case is worth what a judge or jury would give the injury victim.

There are a lot of resources and statistics to look at values of particular injuries.  Here are some examples:

  • Value of rotator cuff injury

You can look at these and try to get some idea of the appropriate compensation level in your case.  But getting to a real number or even a range is just too hard without experienced counsel that can put together all of the variables that go into determining case value.

There are only a lot of variables to consider, but those variables have fluctuating weight depending on the circumstances.

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