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IKEA Crib Recall

IKEA has announced a voluntary recall of their Singlar baby crib after concerns that some of the bolts under the mattress of some of the cribs were not long enough and could result in the mattress collapsing. A relatively minor problem for and adult for even a child but a collapsed mattress can cause an infant to suffocate.

Parents are advised to check bolts under the mattresses to ensure that they are not too short. So if the bolt is too short, people are advised to stop using the crib immediately.

This to me makes little sense. Are we really relying on parents to check bolts? If you have put my child at risk, shouldn’t you fix it instead of offering a free repair kit? Now all of a sudden, you are making your mistake my problem. I think in almost every case, you should either recall the product or not recall the product. Having parents re-do bolts sounds like a problem creator as opposed to a solution. Look, I could be wrong about this. I don’t have all the facts. But, ultimately, as a parent, I would just want to buy a new crib.

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