I Wish I Had an Oscar Mayer Lawsuit

In another dumb lawsuit, Oscar Mayer is facing a lawsuit about the fat content of some of its products. “Plaintiffs”, and I’m using the word loosely here, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday claiming that Oscar Mayer leads customers to believe that some of its foods are less fatty than they are by juxtaposing the percentage of total “fat free” content next to the number of calories per serving on product labels.

I’m a big fan of honest fat content labeling. I’m really trying to eat right and stay fit. I worked out this morning at 5:00 a.m. with about half of my office. (Stop. Reflect. Be impressed.) And I’m the last person in the entire world that says let’s defer to the FDA, the USDA, or any other government entity. So listen to me: let’s let the USDA deal with this.