Hyundai Coffee Cup Recall

A Hyundai coffee cup holder recall has led to a class action lawsuit filed against Hyundai on behalf of anyone who has spilled coffee in their Hyundai.

Hyundai has set aside $750 million in reserves to pay these claims.Walter Olson is apoplectic. Phillip Howard is inconsolable.


Okay, I’m making this up on a Monday morning. Nothing – absolutely nothing – gets tort reformers jazzed up like coffee lawsuits. Seventeen years later, they are still talking about McDonald’s and Stella Liebeck.

But Hyundai did announce a coffee related (sort of) recall that is interesting. Hyundai issued a recall for 2007 through 2009 Hyundai Elantras because their front passenger airbags may not work properly. Spilled drinks can cause the weight sensors designed to deactivate the right front airbag to malfunction.

I wrote about this Hyundai recall last week. I just read this Wall Street Journal article and like the coffee angle.