Hydroxycut Recall

The FDA announced today the recall of Hydroxycut (also spelled/misspelled Hydroxecut and Hydroxycutt), a weight-loss drug, after reports of liver damage and other health problems. Specifically, the FDA has received 23 serious reports of health complications associated with Hydroxycut, including and the death in a 19-year-old boy. The primary complications with Hydroxycut are liver failure and jaundice. Accordingly, Hydroxycut is issuing a recall of 14 of these always controversial weight loss products. Hydroxycut products with different active ingredients, such as Hydroxycut Cleanse and Hydroxycut Hoodia, will not be recalled.

Hydroxycut is a very lucrative product selling over one million bottles a year, making up 90 percent of the market for weight loss supplements. The problem our lawyers see with these supplements like Hydroxycut is that the standards to get them on the market make drug and medical devices seem like an act of Congress by comparison. Hydroxycut never had to show that it was both safe and effective and the post-marketing review of these products is incredibly insufficient.

No one knows for certain why Hydroxycut would cause liver failure or jaundice. But the suspicion has long rested with hydroxycitric acid, which is derived from a tropical fruit. While harmless in the fruit, maybe Hydroxycut causes a hydroxycitric acid overdose that can reuslt in liver damage.

The crazy thing about these Hydroxycut claims is how long the concerns have been out there. The death of this teenager was three years ago but was just reported to the FDA in March.
Our lawyers are investigating Hydroxycut injury claims subject to this recall for patients with liver failure or jaundice. If you want to speak with a Hydroxycut lawyer about potential lawsuits involving Hydroxycut, call 800-553-8082.

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