How to Choose an Accident Lawyer for a Serious Case

The majority of the cases our lawyers handle involve auto accidents and truck accidents in the area. We handle only extremely serious injury and wrongful death accident claims.

Although not all, the vast majority of our cases are in Maryland. We will handle truck accident and car injury cases outside of Maryland, but only in the event of catastrophic injury or death.

You are trying to choose a lawyer? Take a second and take a breath. Your choice matters. Do some research. Talk to a lot of lawyers. Find out who is really trying cases and getting verdicts for their clients and who is running a marketing firm to get and settle – regardless of the value – cases as fast as they can. And… one other thing I think is critical: ask every accident lawyer you talk to who they would refer a case to if they could not handle a serious car accident case on behalf of a loved one. If the answer keeps coming up with one firm, you have a great candidate.

Our car accident lawyers have already recovered millions of dollars in compensation for car accident victims by settlement or trial in 2011. If you or a loved one has serious injuries and you need a lawyer, call 800-553-8082. You can also make a free online inquiry here. Ultimately, you should not be talking only to us. You should be interviewing a lot of accident lawyers to figure out the big question you need to answer: who is the best lawyer for you?

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