Honda Brake Recall

The Acura RL and Honda Odyssey are the subjects of a voluntary recall by Honda Motors of 471,820 vehicles due to a problem with a defective seal in the brake master cylinder. The recall is for those vehicles made between 2005 and 2007.

Honda might take exception to the word “defective” by arguing that the problem with the seal is that if brake fluid installed at the factory is replaced with aftermarket fluids with reduced lubrication properties, the seal can fail. But, c’mon, you ought to be able to put any brake fluid you want in your car that passes general standards unless warned not to do so.

What is the risk? Failure could cause a small leak which could result in a brake fluid warning lamp turning on. Failure to repair a leaking seal may lead to a soft brake pedal and possibly the loss of one of the two hydraulic braking circuits.

It is worth noting that Honda has now done its part by bringing this problem to everyone’s attention and making accommodations to fix the problem. Your job is to go through the hassle of getting it fixed. Too many people ignore these recalls – at their own peril.