Hernia Patch Recall

The Kugel mesh patch was recalled two-and-a-half years ago on December 22, 2005. The hernia patch, made by Davol, Inc., was used for ventral or incisional hernias but has been removed because of a product defect.

The Kugel mesh patch is made of two pieces of mesh that encompass a plastic ring. The Kugel patch would be placed in the patient’s body and folded on the hernia. The released ring would then spring back into its original shape, flattening the patch.

This was a great advance because it allowed the patient’s tissue to grow with the patch which was fantastice for the healing process. The problem is that this new ring breaks with great frequency which more than defeated the benefit of the new technology.

Last year, the Kugel mesh cases were consolidated in an MDL class action in Rhode Island.

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