Ground Beef Recall for E. Coli

Fear of E. Coli contamination has prompted the United States Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) to recall 22,737 pounds of ground beef products. Wow, that’s a lot of meat.

The recall affects cases of beef from National Beef Packing Company in Kansas, including the following:

  • National Beef 80/20 Coarse Ground Chuck, 10 lb packages, package code 0481
  • National Beef 81/19 Coarse Ground Beef, 10 lb packages, package code 0421
  • National Beef 80/20 Fine Ground Chuck, 10 lb packages, package code 0484

These products have a use/sell date of June 14, 2013 and were produced on May 25, 2013. The FSIS has concerns that some of the products may remain in consumers’ freezers.

The contamination was found as a result of a routine inspection by FSIS and no illnesses have been reported in association with the consumption of these products.


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