Grass and Hedge Trimmer Recall

Grass and hedge trimmers sold at Lowe’s, Sears, and Husqvarna dealers and distributors nationwide from May 2011 to January 2012 are subject to a recall. The problem with the grass and hedge trimmers is that fuel can leak from the rubber spacer holding the fuel lines in the fuel tank, which obviously poses a potential risk of a fire. Husqvarna, who imports these hedge trimmers from China, has received seven reports of fuel leaking. No injuries have been reported.

The recall covers approximately 19,500 grass trimmers and 6,500 hedge trimmers. For more information, contact Husqvarna at 877-257-6921 or visit their website. Of course, when I went to the website, I did not see anything on the recall of these grass and hedge trimmers. But, hey, Husqvarna is doing all kinds of great things. Just look at their website! So who really cares about this recall that might cause humans to burn?