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Getting Car Accident Cases Through the Back Door

In a tough economy, lawyers are fighting hard to get more car accident cases. Accident lawyers are getting out in front on the Internet, obviously, but they are also looking to more behind-the-scenes strategies to get more car accident cases.

In Tampa, two lawyers took note of one tactic that has been around for decades – calling out a medical provider who markets vigorously for accident cases and then refers those cases to a law firm. The lawyers – apparently a husband and wife duo – brought attention to this practice on their blog, raising the obvious questions about the relationship between the lawyers and the doctors.

A lot of lawyers are writing blog posts. Largely, it is like a tree falling in a forest. Hardly anyone is paying attention to 99% of what is written. But the medical providers targeted here made sure that everyone would get to talking about this, filing a lawsuit against the attorney bloggers in Tampa.

Here is the blog. Alexa ranks this blog as the 3,163,142nd most read blog in the world. Seriously. (I just linked to it. If everyone else does the same, this blog will get a lot more traffic.)
I have no idea why this health care provider is picking a fight with this law firm. Maybe there is a larger wisdom to this, but I doubt it. It appears to be a classic overreaction, drawing attention to a method of getting more car accident cases that will give many a cause for concern.

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