Georgia Wrongful Death Case Dismissed

The Court of Appeals of Georgia reversed the trial court and granted summary judgment in a wrongful death car accident claim. The court found that as a matter of law, plaintiff had no negligent entrustment claim against the driver’s father.

The at-fault driver was the son of the plaintiffs. Defendant was driving the car but switched with the at-fault driver because he was tired. I guess the at-fault driver was, too. He crossed the center median on I-95 into oncoming traffic, and struck a tractor-trailer in the rear wheel, killing himself and seriously injuring the defendant.

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering what the heck is going on. If anything, Defendant has a claim right? Where is the parents’ cause of action? Well, plaintiffs claimed it was negligent to turn the car over to their son because his license was suspended. Crazy, right? Well, the Court of Appeals of Georgia agreed with you.

You can read the full opinion on Hook v. Harmon here.

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