Frying Pan Recall

Table Tops Unlimited has issued a recall for approximately 1,500 Castalon frying pans over the potential risk for burns. They were sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Wegmans. The pans have been recalled because enamel coating on the pan can crack and break off after a few uses, creating a potential burn hazard.

These Castalon frying pans had the following model numbers on the color sleeve packaging of the product: TTU9203, P9204, P9207, P9208, P9242, P9243, P9244, P9248, P9250, P9261, P9266, P9274, P9275 and P9276.

Tabletops Unlimited is following the usual drill: advising the customers to stop using the product and allowing them to return the product for a refund.