Frozen Fruit Bar Recall

A recall was issued for a frozen fruit bar after a possible outbreak of typhoid fever in California. Fruiti Pops has recalled its mamey fruit bars. Mamey or zapote (zah-POH’-teh), is a popular fruit in Latin America and the Caribbean. Mamey frozen bars in California, Arizona or Texas since May 2009, may be contaminated. Fruiti Pops says retail stores, ice cream trucks and vending machines sold the frozen fruit bars subject to the recall. The bars have the UPC number 763734000097.
There have been no illness reported as of yet. But, as I understand it, typhoid fever comes largely from contact with human feces from an infected person. Mere garden variety human feces is not enough which has the mamey fruit bar addict wonder how much feces they have eaten before finally getting some with typhoid. Then, again, I think we would all be beyond terrified if we knew what we ate every day.