Ford Explorer Recall

Ford has announced yet another recall, this time of the Ford Explorer over safety concerns with the second row of seats.

This is the second recall in the last week for Ford, who last week announced it would recall over 350,000 of its Ford F-150 pickup trucks because of safety problems with the interior door handles that would cause the door to open in a car accident.

This Ford Explorer recall will not be as costly or as expensive. Only 1,600 recently built Explorers are subject to the recall.

Ford is experiencing an unbelievable renissance after being left for dead just a few years ago. One big reason for Ford’s rise is a new perception of quality (and in customer perceptions of other companies, most notably, Toyota). All told, Ford has issued a recall for more than 900,000 vehicles in the first weeks of 2011, more than all of 2010. These recalls are not helping the cause of this new perception of Ford and this is being reflected in Ford’s stock price. Hopefully, Ford takes a recall hiatus for a while and continues to grow the brand’s image in the right direction.