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Ford Escape Engine Fire Recall

Most automotive product defects are design defects. Ford Motor announced a manufacturing defect recall today after concerns that manufacturing problems at one of Ford’s part makers has led Ford to recall 11,500 of its Escapes. The fear is not a small one: engine fires.

Ford’s fear is that the fuel lines in these cars were damaged during assembly. The lines, made by a TI Group Automotive Systems plant in Indiana, can split when pushed over a connector fitting, and leaking fuel could ignite.

Should Ford have caught the problem? I have no idea. On some level, you do have to trust that your parts makers are sending you a decent product.

One thing bugs me; the problem was found back on June 9th when a brand spanking new Escape caught fire while a Ford worker was driving it. They had two more fires on June 18. When was it time to sound an alarm?

This great selling SUV is struggling; this is the second recall of the new Escape in less than a week. Ford is recalling more than 10,000 Escapes to fix carpet padding that could interfere with braking.

You can learn more about this recall here.

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