Ford Accelerator Problems

Feds are looking more closely at increasing concerns about a problem with sticky accelerators in 1.9 million Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable sedans.

Yesterday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration expanded a probe on Ford Taurus and Mercury Sables. The feds say they have already received 14 complaints of Taurus sedans accelerating on their own. Thankfully, there are no injury reports. Yet.

What’s the problem? It may be a defective cruise control cable that detaches and holds the throttle open. A few reports of this problem found that these cars took off and ran red lights. Gosh, that has to be a scary feeling. The NHTSA says that if this happens, drivers should brake firmly without pumping the brakes, shift the car into neutral, steer to a safe location and shut off the engine. Of course, you have to have read this and have ice water in your veins to pull this off in the moment.

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