Fluorescent Bulb Recall

There is a recall of 124,000 Trisonic compact fluorescent light bulbs. The concern? No surprise: these light bulbs may create a fire hazard. There are four reports of bulbs overheating. Two of the incidents resulted in minor fires. I’m sure the reports pale in comparison to the number of problems with these light bulbs (how many people report small fires?) but it also does not appear to be a widespread problem either.

These are Chinese imports. Chinese products are often subject to recalls but, let’s be realistic, we are getting an obscene number of products from China which means a lot of recalls are going to come from products produced in China.

The recall involves 15-, 20-, 22- and 25-watt compact light bulbs. The model numbers involved in the recall include TS-EN 15W/SP, TS-EN 20W/SP, TS-CFL 22WB and TS-EN 25W/SP. You can find the model numbers on these fluorescent lights on the base of the bulbs.

Consumers should stop using the light bulbs and contact Eastern America Trio Products for a full refund. Call 800-661-7146.