Finally, an Honest Recall.. Not Really

iSi North America announced a recall of approximately 162,700 Twist’n Sparkle Home Beverage Carbonation System plastic bottles. The plastic bottles can explode under pressure, shooting out plastic parts, resulting in a risk of injury to anyone in range. There have been nine reported problems of exploding plastic bottles, including three injuries. This recalled product was sold at Williams-Sonoma, QVC and other national retailers and websites from June 2010 to March 2012 for approximately $50 for the Starter Set and $30 for the Bottle Set.

The company’s website does not mention the recall anywhere (that I can find). Sure, they set up a website for the specific product that is all about the recall. But, otherwise, I can’t find anything on the company’s website.

The title I put on originally was an “honest recall,” but then I looked a little further. No one wants to risk besmirching their “good name” by be honest about recalls on their site. The company has a “news” portion on their website. Recalling over 100,000 bottles is not news?