Facebook Lawsuit

Facebook lawsuit. Facebook lawsuit. Let’s be clear. This is a naked obnoxious effort to draw more readers to the site. Because for some reason, everyone wants to read about the latest Facebook lawsuit. If you just Googled “Facebook lawsuit,” let me ask you. Why? Anyway, I’m glad you are here. Stay a while and come back in the future. We love regular readers.

Back to the whole Facebook lawsuit. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss the twins who are bitter at missing out on the chance of a lifetime – of a 1,000 lifetimes – with Facebook keep trying to use the legal system to make things right, i.e. turn back time on what in hindsight was a bad business decision. They have filed another lawsuit against Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg claiming the value of the company was underestimated and that they deserve more money.

It must feel awful to have been on the brink of unbelievable riches and letting that opportunity slip through your fingertips. But I do find it exciting for people to use the legal system to essentially vent. Because I have a real trial that needs to more forward, and this is taking up way too much time when we all know what the outcome will be.

Oh, I forgot to say one more thing. Facebook lawsuit. In case you missed it the first time.

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