Ex-Husband of Murder Victim Settles Lawsuit

The ex-husband of a woman murdered in 2009 has settled a wrongful death lawsuit filed against him by his children.

The defendant, though never charged with his ex-wife’s murder, was sued by his children for the death of their mother. Another man and his wife were additionally named in the suit, though she was later dropped. The children alleged that the three individuals conspired to kill their mother.

Though the terms of the settlement with the man and his children are confidential, a court record did indicate a $200,000 judgment against the other individual named in the suit. He, by the way, was convicted of the woman’s death.

Clearly, a life is worth more than $200,000. I’m not sure if they just went out and got a judgment to prove a point or what happened. Or maybe the $200,000 was a compromise because that was all that the defendant had. I can’t tell you. What I can tell you is this is unbelievably tragic.

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