Endocet Recall

Endo Pharmaceuticals issued a recall for Endocet. The recall is for Endocet 10 mg/325 mg 100 count bottles, NDC 60951-712-70, Lot # 402415NV and #402426NV.

Apparently, one bottle – one bottle – from each lot of Endocet® (oxycodone/acetaminophen, USP) Tablets, 10 mg/325 mg, Lot # 402415NV and # 402426NV, NDC 60951-712-70, 100 count bottles, was found to contain some Endocet® 10 mg/650 mg Tablets, which are identifiable by their larger size, and different shape and markings.

So far, no other Endocet bottles have been implicated. So why the big deal? An Ednocet overdose can be fatal.

I can’t say Endo’s website is screaming recall but give them credit, it is on the first page. Which is a lot better than most drug companies will do with an ever more serious recall.