Drop-Side Crib Recall

There is a recall of 34,000 Heritage Collection 3-in-1 drop-side cribs due to risks of entrapment and injury. The drop-side cribs subject to this recall were imported from Vietnam and sold at Kmart stores from February 2007 through October 2008 with Kmart model numbers 07-1248 and 07-1252.

Heritage has 17 reports of the drop-side detaching from the cribs. Three children were hurt after getting entrapped. I don’t know the extent of the injuries but there is notorious underreporting of these incidents. (Have you ever reported a defect to a company? Chances are, you haven’t.) Consumers should stop using the recalled cribs and contact Victory Land Group to receive a free repair kit. If your child is not injured, you really should not bring a lawsuit of any kind for any reason. But it is annoying to me that what consumers get is a free repair kit. This seems ridiculous to me somehow. What should they get? I don’t know. How about sending me a new crib that is already properly assembled and does not put my child at risk? Is this too much to ask? Really, I don’t know. Something about this goes against the grain with me, probably just because of the stakes with infants. If it was the same risk for adults, I probably would not be as worked up.