Dr. Nikita Levy Lawsuits

With approximately 1,000 patients since beginning his practice 25 years ago, Dr. Nikita Levy leaves behind an “extraordinary” amount of evidence that he violated patient’s rights. Financial compensation may be available for his victims, approximately 100 of which have come forward so far.

Earlier this month, Dr. Nikita Levy, an OB/GYN at a medical center affiliated with Johns Hopkins, was suspended after a co-worker reported suspicious activity to the hospital’s security staff. Three days later, his employment was terminated. Within days, he was found dead in his Baltimore home from an apparent suicide.

Lawsuits against Dr. Levy and Johns Hopkins have already begun – invasion of privacy, emotional distress, and negligence are amongst the claims being made. While the investigation continues, and all of the evidence is yet to be known, his patients deserve to feel that somebody is listening and ready to protect their rights.

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