DePuy Hip Verdict: $8.3 Million

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DePuy Hip Verdict

A Los Angeles jury awarded $8.3 in damages today to a defective ASR hip implant victim after a hard-fought month-long jury trial in California. The jury sent a loud message, spanking DePuy/Johnson & Johnson.

Let’s be blunt about what this does: it raises the settlement value of these DePuy hip replacement cases. I really thought DePuy would back down on the courthouse steps for this very reason: the risk of inflating the settlement value. But they seem willing to stick their chests out for some reason I can’t figure.

If they keep trying these cases and keep getting hit – which I have every reason to expect will happen – the value of these cases will go through the roof. Doesn’t DePuy have jury consultations and mock juries to give them a heads up as to what is coming. One juror told a reporter that he felt DePuy should be punished for the reasons plaintiffs’ lawyer have been screaming about even before this recall: they knew about the problem ASR hip implants and didn’t tell the people who needed to know to keep patients safe.

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