Darvocet Lawsuit Allegations

Last December, Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals agreed to stop selling Darvocet in the U.S. after the evidence of cardiac injuries from Darvocet reached critical mass. Darvocet lawsuits are now being filed in massive numbers. Yesterday, in San Francisco, Plaintiffs’ Darvocet lawyers argued that all of the federal Darvocet cases should be centralized in an MDL which is sort of, but not really, a class action lawsuit.

These are the main points made in Darvocet lawsuits:

  • Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals concealed their knowledge of Darvocet’s risks from plaintiffs, the medical community, the FDA, and the American people.
  • Xanodyne had a duty to warn patients about this failure to test and that they knew Darvocet had these side effects.
  • Xanodyne did know of these risks after having the product on the market for ages? Ah, okay. Then Xanodyne negligently and improperly failed to perform sufficient tests, if any, concerning Darvocet’s association with heart arrhythmias,myocardial infarction, and other (maybe still unknown) risks that put Darvocet’s patients at risk for cardiac injury and death. Why didn’t Xanodyne fully test Darvocet? Plaintiffs’ Darvocet lawsuits allege Xanodyne knew, from the clinical trials and years of experience, exactly what they were going to find.