Dallas Uninsured Motorist Law

The Dallas City Council voted 10-5 to tow the cars of drivers who cannot produce proof of car insurance after a traffic stop. The new car insurance law will take effect on January 1, 2009.

I’m pleased to see that Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle said police would use prudence in enforcing this law. For example, police would not tow a vehicle if towing would cause a family with children to be stranded at night on the side of a road.

I honestly do not know how I feel about this law but I’m having a hard time coming up with legitimate arguments against it. District 6 council member Steve Salazar, who is against the bill, does not provide me any help. He is quoted as saying, “I want my officers catching burglars, people committing assaults, people committing rapes, people committing murders. Our priority is fighting crime.”

Mr. Salazar is creating a false choice. We don’t have to choose between stopping murders and rapes and fighting back against people that refuse to get auto insurance. We can afford both.

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