$24 Million In Malpractice Settlements

Though the settlements are not final, there are four proposed settlements to be voted on next week that could cost Chicago taxpayers $24 million. The individual details are just awful.

The first case involves a three year old little boy who was left with severe, irreversible brain damage after he suffered cardiac arrest following surgery. While recovering from surgery, the little boy’s heart stopped, and it is said that CPR was not initiated for five minutes. Though he was revived, no pulse was detected for at least 15 minutes, causing permanent brain damage. The proposed settlement is $20 million dollars to assist with lifelong care.

A second case, proposed to settle for $2.4 million, was filed by the estate of a woman who was not properly treated for an infection during cancer treatment. The infection spread due to the improper care, and after multiple amputations, the woman eventually died from her injuries.

The third case, expected to settle for $1 million, was a wrongful death case filed by the estate of a man who allegedly receive improper care for an infection from an external fixator attached to his arm while being held at a county jail. While at the jail, the man developed sepsis, leading to his death. These jail cases, I’ll tell you. Honestly, we don’t look at them because so much time is spend screening out nonsense. But you know full well that medical malpractice runs rampant in our prisons.

A fourth case is expected to settle for $625,000.

All four cases are filed against the county’s public health system. If the settlements are approved, they would be covered with taxpayer money placed into a self-insurance fund.

These malpractice settlements will be approved. They always are. But as a plaintiffs’ lawyer, it is a very frustrating additional step of an often already frustrating process.

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