CooperVision Recall – Finally

CooperVision has finally done the right thing, and announced a recall of certain lots of Avaira™ Toric contact lenses.

A few days ago, we told you that CooperVision was being urged by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to issue a recall of their Avaira™ Toric contact lenses, as there were “…a small number of unexpected wearer reports of hazy vision and discomfort.” The problem was, CooperVision was minimizing the concerns here in the United States. Limited lots of the lenses were quietly recalled in the U.S. this summer over an unidentified residue….but a broader international notification, which included Hong Kong (the Hong Kong notice states that the lenses were also recalled in Canada, Germany, and Italy), Australia, and Spain, was issued for hundreds of additional lots. The FDA requested that CooperVision make a broader recall which, until now, CooperVision failed to do Now, almost two months after problems were first announced, CooperVision Inc. and federal health regulators have increased public warnings about more than half a million recalled contact lenses, urging users to return the potentially defective products and to seek medical care if they show symptoms of harm.