Chuck E. Cheese Recall

Chuck E. Cheese has announced a recall of 1.1 million light-up rings and 120,000 star glasses. Why? Apparently, both the rings and the glasses have batteries with lights and there have been two reports that when the products break – and I’m sure they break easily – they cause a potential choking hazard to children as the batteries can become exposed. There have been two reported incidents with the light-up rings. One child swallowed a battery and another put a battery into his nose.

The rings come in blue, green, purple, yellow, and pink colors, and the glasses come in a red color. The Light-Up Ring was either sold as part of a promotional treasure chest cup from August 2009 through June 25, 2010 or distributed during several Parent-Teacher Association conventions in April 2009, July 2009 and March 2010 through May 2010. The Star Glasses were distributed as part of Chuck E. Cheese’s Birthday Star package beginning April 2010 through August 2010.

Since 2001, it is the third recall of children’s toys for Irving-based CEC Entertainment Inc., parent company of Chuck E. Cheese. But don’t judge a company by the number of recalls it has. What is important is that they act quickly and decisively to solve a problem when it does arise. I have no idea whether that was the case here but, at this point, we have no reason to believe that it was not.

I spend an obscene amount of time at Chuck E. Cheese to the point where I would never consider anything other than the $30 for 130 coins deal because I know if we don’t use them all we will be back again before long. As long as they have skeet ball and pop-a-shot, we will keep coming back. But after the grand finale when we cash in our Chuck E. Cheese tickets for prizes, I will probably take an extra long look to see if the toys look like hazards.