Cheese Recall

The FDA has issued a recall of Sally Jackson cheese amid concerns of E coli contamination E coli can cause severe illness and attacks with particularly vigor children and the elderly. The recall was reportedly caused by santation issues at Sally Jackson’s cheese processing facility in Washington state. Eight people have gotten sick from E coli who have reportedly eaten cheese. Only one is positively IDed as Sally Jackson cheese but it sounds like investigators think that they will find that other Sally Jackson cheese was implicated.

The FDA said that any Sally Jackson cheese should be discarded and kept out of reach of children and animals in a closed plastic bag. The even better play is to return the cheese from wherever your purchased it.

Like many cheeses, Sally Jackson makes its cheese with raw milk that has not been pasteurized. It is permissible practice as long as the cheese is properly aged but there is some question as to how long the cheese should be aged. How long the cheese subject to this recall was aged or whether that has something to do with this E coli outbreak remains to be seen.