Charlie Sheen Porn Star Date Plans Lawsuit

It is a crazy world, Edition #852,239,202. Apparently, the porn star – as someone recently pointed out, can you use the word “porn” with “star”? – who with Charlie Sheen during his meltdown at The Plaza in New York has told reporters that she intends to file a lawsuit against him for the trauma endured.

Apparently, Capri Anderson says she felt “in danger” while cowering naked as Charlie Sheen busted a chair and knocked over a table.

What exactly are her damages? My Vegas odds:

6-1: She never files a lawsuit
10,000-1: She gets a verdict
1,000,000: She gets a meaning verdict
10,000,000: She gets a meaningful verdict that survives appeal
1-1,000,000: She is able to exploit her relationship with Charlie Sheen to make a few bucks and then fades off into Bolivian (as Mike Tyson called it)
Obviously, as her website makes clear, she is nakedly trying to make money off her brief relationship with Charlie Sheen. I think it is unfortunate that she would choose to spend time with someone (I sound 80 years old; I know) and then want to make a quick buck off of them. But, look, it is 2010, I can deal with it. She’s young, she’s in the business of trying to be famous, and it certainly does not define her as an awful person. And Charlie Sheen certainly assumed the risk. But I do think it is awful when people use even the threat of a lawsuit as a means not of redressing injuries but to gin up publicity.

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