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Chantix Suicide Lawsuits

Today I stumbled on Pfizer’s second-quarter Earnings Conference Call. Here is a nugget of interest to Chantix lawyers and those who believe they have been injured by Chantix: “Strong international growth was largely offset by a 35% decline in US revenues, which was due mainly to labeling changes and to external reports about adverse events. Let me be clear — we believe the Chantix labeling appropriately reflects the medication’s risks and benefits, and we will continue to encourage doctors and patients to have a robust dialogue about the dangers of smoking and appropriate treatment options.” Missing from the statements is Pfizer’s answer to whether it believes Chantix always had the appropriate labeling.

In other words, adverse reports are slowing sales, but Pfizer will keep pushing Chantix. So without any further label changes, Pfizer will continue to milk its Chantix franchise.

Accordingly, our Chantix lawyers are now investigating cases involving suicides, cardiac disturbances, acute myocardial infarction, diabetes, seizures, and psychosis. If you or a loved one experienced an injury you attribute to Chantix, or if you are a lawyer looking to refer your Chantix lawsuit to a pharmaceutical injury lawyer, call our Chantix lawyers at 1-800-553-8082.

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