Chandelier Recall | Portfolio and Transglobe

Bel Air Lighting has announced a recall of Portfolio and Transglobe nine-light chandeliers. It has been discovered that the mounting loop that holds the chandeliers to the ceilings can break, causing the chandelier to fall.  I think it is fair to say that the idea of a chandelier falling on your head is not a particular good one.

Approximately 20,500 chandeliers are affected by the recall. The recalled chandeliers have a two-tone antique bronze-colored metal frame with antique gold-accents and champagne frosted color glass shades. The six antique gold colored lamp holders at the bottom and three at top have a floral pattern that is repeated on components at the top and bottom of the center lamp stem. Antique bronze-colored ornamental scrolling connects all the elements.

Item numbers can be found inside the ceiling canopy of the chandelier. The Portfoli brand, sold exclusively at Lowe’s, are marked with item number 256047. The Transglobe chandeliers, sold at lighting stores nationwide, are marked as item number 2579 EBG.

Photos of these Chinese made light fixtures are available here.