Cadillac Recall

General Motors has issued a recall of approximately 44,000 Cadillac CTS models, manufactured during 2009 and 2010, because a rear-suspension problem could cause Caddy drivers to lose control of their car.

GM says about the Cadillac CTS that “a wax coating on the rear suspension toe link jam nuts may allow the nut(s) to loosen.” If you have a Cadillac CTS and the nut did loosen, theoretically you would hear it. But if you don’t or you ignore it, the rear wheel could turn inboard or outboard and the driver may not be able to control the car, obviously potentially causing a car accident.

Cadillac dealerships will clean the wax from the rear-suspension toe link and install two new jam nuts or replace the entire toe link at no charge.

It is ironic that with the car industry now making a comeback, there seem to be more car recalls than ever.