Bumper Tap Leads to $1.3 Million Settlement

A former police officer in Philadelphia received a $1.3 million settlement after suffering injuries in what would generously be described as a minor car accident. What defines as minor? No property damage? None?

The officer was at a stoplight when he was rear-ended in the kind of car accident that most people walk away from without even exchanging information. In fact, the police officer didn’t think he was hurt either. But he claimed to have suffered a pinched nerve in his right arm that ended his career as a police officer. Those guys are well paid which means good economic damages.

The temptation is to blame runaway juries. This case was settled before a mediator.

Was this a worthy case? Ultimately, who knows? But it is a country with 311 million people. There are one in ten million types of injuries where people suffer very serious injuries in very minor accidents, some involving negligence.

You can read more about the case here.

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